How To Make Money From Home With Facebook And Twitter

Dec 30, 2011

When we understand, that it is important to market with the social mediums, we are after two benefits, how to reach higher rankings with our Facebook page, for instance, and how the social media posts can increase the rankings of our website. When we have solved this problem, we have far better ways how to make money from home. Lets discuss about this.

1. The Social Media Market is Heavily Growing.

The social media has two benefits. It is a big market and it is growing strongly. The total visitor number is 6,2 billion and unique visitors 213 million. The market is strong, so the question is, how you can turn enough visitors to your social media page or to your website?

The secret is to know, what these visitors are looking for and how they do that. Did you know, that many visitors use the search function, actually 845 million searches were made, up 13,5 %! If SEO is familiar to you, you guess the opportunity.

The searchers search mainly people or brands. Yes, brands. The social media is also called a conversational media, i.e. an interactive one, which gives hints, how to use it to promote or to build a brand.
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2. How To Rank Better With Social Media Page?

If you wonder, how to make money from home with the social media, one answer is, that your page must rank well. It is a question about the links. Do you link from your home page? Use also your brand name in the post content.

The search engines give value to the crowd science, i.e. the more people like your page, the higher ranking it will get. Are your likes, follows and +1 in condition? Its about trust building. If Facebook is your only medium, this is even more important.

3. How Social Media Can Improve Your Website Rankings?

As we have seen how Google has changed its algorithms, the criteria which sets the rules how the ranked pages are ordered, it is clear, that the links from the social media have become more important. It is important that the landing page is easy to like, i.e. that the social media buttons are in place. It is crucial to call visitors to action, i.e. to share the thing, they just liked.

4. Define The Role Of The Social Media In The Sales Funnel.

As said, the social media is an interactive and discussing media and the different social media sites have different user profiles. If the social media is the first point in the sales funnel, what you have planned it to do?

Is it a teaser, which persuades readers to get more from the landing page? Does it communicate the same brand identity than the landing page and other sales funnel parts? Does it have a personal and human feeling, like some club has, so that it will encourage to participate?

5. If You Do It, Do It Properly.

The social media is not anymore a discussion forum, but a serious business medium. When you ponder ways how to make money from home, you can even end up to use only one social media and to learn to master it.

Remember, that the brand building is crucial with a planned brand strategy. Without it there is a danger, that all what you get is a content, which does not share any benefits to the visitors.


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